Stadion Hostel offers travellers cheap accommodation at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, close to the heart of Helsinki and its sights. The Hostel offers shared accommodation to those looking for adventure and low prices, and smaller rooms to those who value privacy. We can easily accommodate also larger groups and our free car park has spaces for a number of cars.

Stadion Hostel was granted the Hostelling International "HI Quality" certificate in May 2013. The Hostelling International network includes approximately 4000 hostels in 90 countries worldwide. Stadion Hostel was now granted its second certificate.

PLEASE NOTE: Stadion Hostel will be closed for Christmas. We will close at 12 noon on 23 December and open again at 3pm on 26 December. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!

Did you know?

  • Stadion Hostel is haunted. Over the years, many of our guests have reported seeing our resident ghost. Luckily the ghost seems to be friendly.
  • Bill Clinton is said to have stayed in Stadion Hostel while touring Europe as a young man.
  • As far as we know, Stadion Hostel is the only hostel in the world that is located at an olympic stadium.